mission of rescuing

SEAL (Social & Evangelical Association For Love) is working for rescue and rehabilitation
of destitute on the Railway Platforms and Streets of Mumbai.

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Be A Part

We would love your support

Time to roll your sleeve and Be a part of this dynamic Family!
We would love your support in any form. Do feel free to drop a note or a word of encouragement.


Would you like to join us in
making a difference in our society? Would you like to help to
rescue another
destitute, reunite another lost?


You can contribute financially towards the expenses of SEAL on a one-time, monthly or yearly basis. You too can
make a difference with your giving, a little goes a long way.


You could help us greatly by sharing about the work of SEAL to others around you. Spreading the word to your friends, family and colleagues will help raise awareness among the people.

success story

great success stories

Countless people arrive in this city of dreams to chase their aspirations. While we often hear of the great
success stories, there have been the unfortunate many who’ve been left helpless & homeless,
wandering in the streets of this unforgiving city. SEAL rescues the young & old,
men & women, the sick, lost and forsaken, and provides them another shot at life!

  • Story Of Children


    Till date, 50+ children have found a home and a family at SEAL. They are rescued from unimaginable circumstances,

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  • Story Of Asher


    Asher is a blind kid, who was saved from the streets. He is a very cheerful child, and does not let his handicap limit his personality.

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  • Story Of Reuben


    Reuben is the first resident at SEAL. He was rescued when he was a 9-month old HIV+ve baby, from the red light district of Mumbai.

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  • Story Of Sagar


    Sagar was rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Hailing from West Bengal, he followed his friend to

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