Story Of Sagar

Story Of Sagar

Sagar was rescued from the streets of Mumbai. Hailing from West Bengal, he followed his friend to Mumbai looking for a job. After working in a factory for many months, he lost his mental stability and started wandering on the streets.

In his mentally unstable condition, he began to enter houses thinking its his own and landed in fights. In an unfortunate squabble, he was stabbed in the back causing a deep wound. Sagar continued his life on the streets, and maggots were thriving on his wound when he was rescued by SEAL.

With prayers and regular care at SEAL, Sagar’s wounds healed and he regained his health.

Even more miraculous, Sagar regained his mental balance and grew to be a happy and contributing healthy resident at SEAL.

SEAL sent letters to the village he came from and finally established contact with his family. His father and brothers came to SEAL to be reunited with their lost one and take him back home after many years.