Subhash Pawar

Subhash Pawar

Subhash was lying in a pool of blood in ST Bus Depot, Panvel. He was brought to SEAL wrapped in plastic as blood and worms dripping down from his both legs. He was lying there for months without food and with worms eaten legs. No one could withstand the foul smell emitted from his wound. We had to spend hours to clean his wounds and had to amputate his seven fingers. After hours of cleaning, shaving, bath and dressing his wounds, we took him to the nearest Medical College for further treatment. After examination doctors informed us his both legs should be amputated above knee. Then something went wrong next day, we found him on the veranda of hospital without any proper care. I immediately informed our staff to bring him back to SEAL, where we have treated him within our limited capacity and by God’s grace today he is in good health, walking on his both legs. If God has a plan for one, none can thwart it. Though he has relatives, he went home once, came back and now helping us in the work to serve many others like him.

When we saw Subhash Pawar First time

We reached to see Subhash Pawar with our SEAL Team at ST Stand Panvel

First AID at SEAL

Recovered from his wounds

Now he is helping us in the work to serve many others like him.